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We now carry HOG, Dive Right, and HookahXS 2nd stage regulator options.

Scuba Diving Lessons Near Me


"I pride myself on the repeat business that I've been able to build my business from, and treating people with honesty and respect is what has allowed me to be one of the most trusted diving suppliers in Spring Hill, FL."
Scuba Diving Lessons Near Me
Steve Short
Owner & Operator

Amazing product. I purchased a 110 powered economy unit for hull cleaning. Upon picking up the unit I was given a very thorough explanation of how to perform proper upkeep. Was also given a very passionate explanation of how the product is far superior and incomparably safer than a DIY built unit. The unit is extremely quiet and light weight for what it is. When scrubbing hard and exerting lots of energy the regulator and compressor supply as much work as you can possibly consume.

A man scuba diving underwater with four fishes swimming around him. The image captures a peaceful underwater scene with marine life
Two men posing underwater with a 'super' hand gesture while scuba diving. The image captures a playful moment during the dive

Recently, i purchased a used GatorGill, surface air dive unit from a friend. I called Steve, at GatorGill to check the condition and service this 2015 rig. Steve answered in the first three ring, made an appointment to checkout the rig, adapted many of his new upgraded parts and made me very confident that this five year old unit will provide many more years of safe diving for my family and me. Exceptional service, great equipment, reasonable prices.... Couldn’t ask for more, thanks Steve👍👍

Purchased through eBay. Great communication and super fast shipping. Arrived well packed with everything needed. I highly recommend Gator Gills. I will use them again!!!!!

"A man lying on the surface underwater, posing while scuba diving. The image shows a diver in a relaxed and playful pose
Two men in a boat on the water, posing with fishes in their hands. The image captures a fishing or boating excursion

Awesome company the owner knows his stuff to keep you safe and will help you in many ways to build a dive system or purchase one I would tell you be safe and buy his system you can't get a better product and his patented ideas will save you in many ways

Steve is not only a consumate dive equipment professional, but a genuinely great guy. His hookah dive systems are the best crafted any where in the world and made of the finest materials. Worth every penny and more.

A man scuba diving with a tortoise. The image shows a diver underwater, swimming alongside a tortoise

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